Upcoming Workshops

  • Fri, Oct 02
  • Wed, Dec 04
    Roots And Wings Academy
    Parent-Child sensory play sessions are great to have fun while stimulating your baby's senses of movement, touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing and balance.
  • Sun, Nov 17
    Eindhoven Library
    This talk is about understanding what our adolescent children go through and how to adjust our parenting to meet their needs more effectively.
  • Sat, Nov 16
    Roots And Wings Academy
    This workshop helps parents to understand the importance of play, learn how to stimulate their children’s development while spending quality and fun time with their children.
  • Sun, Oct 27
    Eindhoven Bibliotheek
    Are you interested in learning the parenting techniques you can use to correct your child’s misbehavior while building their self-esteem and creating a warm positive home environment? Do you want to learn how to discipline your children effectively?
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